The Internet is a dangerous place to your kids

These days, children are no longer safe even within the confines of their own home. At the click of a mouse, your child is exposed to a myriad online dangers such as Online Grooming, Cyber Bullying, and inappropriate content.

Children aged two to 17 spend an average of 39 percent of their time on the Internet, playing games online, reports the New York-based NDP Group. As a parent, navigating the web of online threats can be intimidating. By understanding the dangers that lurk in your child's cyber-playground, you will be well-equipped to protect your child and yourself online.

Keep Your Kids Safe online

Online Grooming

The Internet is the perfect place for child sex abusers to target young children. Paedophiles can use the anonymity of the Internet and befriend your child under the guise of young, friendly-sounding nicknames. Online grooming is the process used to get young ones they target online to meet offline, the simple goal being sex. Grooming involves flattery, sympathy and even offers of gifts and money over time to build trust before exploiting the child. Young children easily trust others who appear friendly and may tell online strangers which school they are from or their current address to locate them in real life.

Cyber Bullying

When a young child is bullied or harassed online by their peers, the Internet is no longer a safe or enjoyable place for them and instead becomes a source of anxiety and fear. Cyber bullying can occur across technologies such as mobile phones, instant messenger, chat rooms, email and social network sites. As a parent, you need to ensure that your child tells you when an online stranger makes them feel afraid. You can then save the messages or pictures and report bad behaviour to the service provider. If the behaviour is extreme enough, the police will be able to use them as evidence in legal processes.

Inappropriate Content

There has been talk about websites that promote pornography, violence or self-destructive behaviour. You should be concerned about such content reaching your child and use software which block access to these websites by setting up tighter controls. Some websites that look legitimate could contain malicious viruses that infringe on your computer's safety and steal your passwords. As you purchase the latest educational toy online, you may expose your banking details to hackers who can use your credit card information for fraudulent purposes.

Online Gaming

Gaming has reached new levels of interactivity as kids can now play with other children located anywhere in the world. However, as more players join the online playground, it is harder to maintain social order. Your young child who ventures into the cyber gaming space is exposed to instant chat functions and voice messages from other kids who communicate in the gaming community. Your child could be exposed to inappropriate language when a conflict breaks out or when the older children decide to play rough.

What parents can do to protect your junior

  • Monitor their internet usage
  • Have frank discussions about any activity that you dont approve of
  • Stay vigilant. Sometimes kids are getting into trouble on line, but you have to deal with it reasonably, or you will risk pushing your kids away
  • Open the communication link between you and them. If they know they can talk to you easily, they will be more likely to come to you

Why JuniorWatch

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