How it works

  1. First please Sign Up.

  2. Check you email and active your new account with JuniorWatch. If you do not receive the email in 10 minutes, please check the spam folder of your email. For some reason, some email providers put the activation email into spam folder. You can also Click here to have it resent.

  3. Download the client software from

  4. Install the client software on the computer you would like to protect. Here is a Tutorial on how to install the client software.

  5. Now you are able to log in to your account to configure the newly registered device. The possible configurations are:
    • Turn on/off location capturing.
    • Turn on/off screen capturing.
    • Turn on/off camera capturing.
    • Adjust reporting interval.
  6. Keep your computer on for one or two hours, you should be able to see locations, screen captures and camera captures in your JuniorWatch "My Devices" page.

  7. send email to support (AT) ( Please replace AT with @) or post to Forum if you need help.

  8. Whenever you would like to know you kids activity, you may log into to check all reports from your kids' computer.